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J&H Tackle Bunker Snags

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So you're looking to snag some bunker? Well you're going to need a very technical piece of equipment. We're just kidding. You're going to need a bunker snag. It's a treble hook that's shank has been covered in lead to add weight. All you do is cast it beyond the school of bunker and reel through it. The bunker will get snagged and you'll have some fresh bait to fish with. Then you can target some really big striped bass! We recommend using a spinning set up when you are trying to snag bunker. It makes life a lot easier. If you're on the hunt for bunker, use a J&H Tackle Bunker Snag!

J&H Tackle Bunker Snags are available in three sizes. Small has a 7/0 hook, Medium a 10/0 hook and the Large has a 12/0 hook.

Models: JH-BS-S, JH-BS-M, JH-BS-L


Hook Size - 10/0

Style - Treble

Pieces - 1

Hook Color - Carbon Steel