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Jackall Dunkle Swimbait

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The Jackall Dunkle 7" Swimbait is a big freshwater bass catcher! If you love targeting double digit bass, this Japanese designed swimbait will get it done! The Dunkle is a 7" rigged sinking swimbait that has a wide front and it tapers down to a thinner tail. It has a very natural swimming motion in the water. It uses a combination of a rolling and wobbling action with moderate tail movement to attract big bass to hit it. The coolest part is the hook and hook holder. The swiveling double hook is attached to the hook holder and releases when the fish gets hooked. This reduces fish throwing the hook and will get more fish to the boat. There is another hook holder on the top of the bait which allows you to attach a stinger hook. This bait can sink to whatever depth you need but you can also attach extra weight to the front eye if you need it to sink further. The design and colors on this Jackall bait are really nice and will attract even the most finicky fish. If big bass is your game, add a Jackall Dunkle 7" Swimbait to your arsenal and hit the water!

Jackall Dunkle 7" Swimbaits weigh 2.1 ozs and are available in five great colors. Choose from Chartreuse Strike Gill, Clear Shad, Dark Thunder, Natural Ayu and Purple Chartreuse. They are designed in Japan. 

Models: JDUNK7


Color - Dark Thunder

Size (in.) - 7"

Weight (oz) - 2.1

Pieces - 1

Hook - Double Hook