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Jackall Gantarel

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Anglers rave about the Jackall Gantarel! They absolutely love this big bluegill imitation swimbait. The Gantarel has a realistic profile and the finishes are absolutely stunning! Not only is the body shape a perfect bluegill but Jackall also paid close attention to the fins, which not only look realistic but stablize the bait. This slow floating swimbait is constructed of three sections with two joints that creates a perfect 'S' swimming pattern while being retrieved. It will make 180-degree turns when twitched and that big bass can't resist this action. The Ganatrel has a few additional really cool features that make it versatile. There is an additional bottom line tie where you can add weight to transform it into a slow-sinking bait. It also has an eye in the tail so you can connect a different trailer or even an assist hook. The swimbaits come equipped with dressed treble hooks that are very sharp. If you are going after big bass, buy a Jackall Gantarel and throw it on your next trip. It is a really amazing lure that many anglers around the world are in love with. We think you will be too! 

Jackall Gantarel Swimbaits are 6.3" in length and weigh 2.45 ozs. They are available in three terrific colors. Choose from RT Carp, RT Ghost Gill and RT Spawn Gill. They are expertly made in Japan.



Color - RT Carp

Length - 6"

Weight (oz) - 2.45 oz

Type - Slow-Float