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Jackall Pompadour

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So you want to use a top water crawler? Try fishing a Jackall Pompadour. These hard plastic, topwater lures feature a wide body that moves a lot of water. The custom metal wings give this lure a side to side wobble or walking action as it moves across the water. There is a very loud internal rattle that smallmouth and largemouth bass can't resist! On the back is a prop to add even more action. The Jackall Pompadour creates so much commotion on top of the water that fish hone in on it. They can see it, hear it and feel it vibrate in the water.  The design of the lure with a Magnetic Center of Gravity System means it casts extremely well. It works best when you do a steady retrieve or a stop and go. Either way, it will produce fish. Jackall has outfitted the Pompadour with two super sticky treble hooks. If you want to try a new crawler bait, buy a Jackall Pompadour and give it a try.

Jackall Pompadours are 3" and weighs 3/4 ozs. Choose from four proven colors. Black Bone, Bone White, IS Gill Bone and Yellow Frog. We recommend fishing this lure with either mono or fluorocarbon. Braid tends to get wrapped around the wings from time to time. Made in Japan. 



Color - Black bone

Length - 3″

Weight (oz) - 3/4 oz