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Jackall Kaera Frog

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The Jackall Kaera Frog is one of the best in the industry. This compact hollow body frog is really well made and cuts through cover without a problem. It has an aerodynamic body so it casts really well. When it's in the water, the walking action will drive nearby fish to hit it. The body will collapse and the fish will end up on the sharp dual hooks. The Jackall Kaera Frog features dual skirted tails that give extra action in the water. The finishes on these lures are really natural looking and the quality is great. If you love fishing frogs, you have to try a Jackall Kaera Frog. They are really well made, have a history of producing and at less than $10, are very affordable. Buy one today!

Jackall Kaera Frogs are 2.2" in length and weigh 1/2 ozs. Choose from Black Gill, Green Frog, and White. All three colors work well. If you come into the shop, ask Tim about these frogs. He loves them!

Models: JKAERA


Color - Black Gill

Length - 2 1/4″

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Type - Floating