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Jackall MC60 Crankbait

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Made in Japan, the Jackall MC 60 Crankbait is high on performance! The engineers at Jackall based this lure off of the handmade wooden crankbaits that are popular in Japan. With its fat yet compact body, fixed weight system that creates a low center of gravity and a specially designed wedged lip, the MC 60 will wobble and roll back and forth as you retrieve it. This action drives fish crazy and will lead to more strikes. They are outfitted with super sharp treble hooks to ensure solid hook ups. The Japanese are really great with their paint jobs and this bait is no exception. Choose from a wide variety of realistic and proven patterns to match the hatch in your neck of the woods. If you have success fishing crankbaits, we recommend adding a Jackall MC 60 Crankbait to your rotation. It will lead to success!

Jackall MC 60 Crankbaits are available in two versions. They are both floating, 2.5" in length and weigh 3/8ozs. The MR will do down up to 7' while the SR will only go down 4". Choose from eight great colorways - Black Chartreuse, Blueback Chartreuse, Dark Craw, Dark Thunder, Ghost AR Shad, RT Chartreuse Shad, SG Threadfin Shad and Sparkle SS Shad. Made in Japan! 

Models: JMC60MR, JMC60SR


Color - Sparkle SS Shad

Length - 2.5"

Weight (oz) - 3/8 oz

Type - Floating

Depth - 7 ft