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Jigging World Onyx Surf Spinning Rods

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Embark on an exhilarating surf fishing adventure with the Jigging World Onyx Surf Spinning Rods – precision-engineered rods designed to dominate the pounding waves and elusive surf-dwelling species. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, these rods offer unparalleled strength, sensitivity, and performance to meet the demands of avid surf anglers. Whether casting from the shoreline or wading into the surf, the Jigging World Onyx Surf Rods are your ticket to landing trophy catches and unforgettable moments along the coast.

Optimized Design for Surf Fishing Excellence:

The Jigging World Onyx Surf Spinning Rods feature an optimized design tailored specifically for surf fishing excellence. With their longer lengths, powerful backbone, and fast-action tips, these rods enable anglers to achieve long and accurate casts, reach distant feeding grounds, and effectively target a wide range of surf-dwelling species, from striped bass and bluefish to redfish and snook.

Premium Construction for Superior Performance:

Constructed from high-quality graphite blanks and premium components, the Onyx Surf Rods deliver superior performance and durability on the water. The rods' lightweight yet robust construction ensures optimal sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing anglers to detect subtle strikes and make precise adjustments during the fight. With their rugged build and corrosion-resistant hardware, these rods are built to withstand the harsh saltwater environment and provide reliable performance season after season.

Sensitive and Responsive Action for Ultimate Control:

Equipped with sensitive and responsive actions, the Jigging World Onyx Surf Rods offer ultimate control over your presentation and hookset. Whether working lures, bait rigs, or live baits, anglers can feel every subtle movement and nuance in the water, allowing them to adjust their tactics and techniques accordingly to entice strikes and maximize their chances of success.

Versatile Performance for Varied Fishing Scenarios:

Designed for versatility, the Onyx Surf Rods excel in a variety of surf fishing scenarios, from casting plugs and jigs to bottom fishing with bait rigs or soaking cut baits. Whether targeting fish along sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, or coastal jetties, these rods provide the versatility and performance needed to adapt to changing conditions and capitalize on feeding opportunities throughout the tide cycle.

Comfortable Handling for Extended Casting Sessions:

Featuring ergonomic reel seats and non-slip grips, the Jigging World Onyx Surf Spinning Rods ensure comfortable handling during extended casting sessions. The rods' well-balanced design and lightweight construction minimize fatigue and strain, allowing anglers to cast with confidence and precision for hours on end, whether fishing from dawn till dusk or chasing the night bite along the surf.

Elevate your surf fishing game and reel in trophy catches with confidence using the Jigging World Onyx Surf Spinning Rods. With their optimized design, premium construction, sensitive action, versatile performance, and comfortable handling, these rods are the ultimate tools for surf anglers seeking to conquer the waves and land big fish from the shoreline. Invest in Jigging World quality and experience the thrill of surf fishing like never before. Choose the Onyx Surf Rods and make every cast count on your next coastal adventure!

Models: JW-ONYX802-ML, JW-ONYX902-M, JW-ONYX962S-MH, JW-ONYX1002S-MH, JW-ONYX1002S-H


Color - Black

Length - 10'

Power - H

Pieces - 2

Line Rating Braid (lbs) - 30-50lb

Lure Weight (oz) - 2-5oz

Rod Weight (oz) - 11oz

Guide Type - Custom Jigging World Guides With SiC rings

Number of Guides - 8 + tip

Foregrip Material - EVA

Reel Seat Type - Custom Jigging World Reel Seat

Reargrip Material - EVA

Gimbal - No