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Soft Plastics

Joe Baggs Mini-Sandeels

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Joe Baggs Mini-Sandeels are a terrific representation of a baitfish. These paddle tail baits are work well when targeting striped bass and snook. The thin profile and tail action make them hard to resist. Joe Baggs Mini-Sandeels are constructed of plastic and come with a single jig head and either two or three tails depending on the weight of the jig head. The jig head has a conical shape with a large eye and a strong Mustad hook. There are two barbs to lock the bait onto the head. These are perfect for fishing from a boat kayak or the shore. Striped bass absolutely love them so buy a pack and go catch some fish!

Joe Baggs Mini-Sandeels are available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 oz in 5 1/2" in pink, sandeel and white. They have two tails to a pack. 1 1/2 oz and 2 oz are 6 1/2" in length and are available in sandeel and white. They have three tails per pack.

Models: JB-MS


Color - Pink

Size (in.) - 5 1/2

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Pieces - 2

Hook - Single Jighead