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Joe Baggs The Skipper

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Joe Baggs The Skipper is a cool new floating lure from a guy who continues to make fishing lures that work. If you've ever fished a Swarter or any Joe Baggs soft plastics you will know that they catch fish. The Skipper is a great topwater lure that gives you that walk the dog motion and entices hungry predators to strike! It's constructed of hard palstic with thru-wire construction for excellent durability. They are outfitted with 3X strong VMC 4/0 Treble hooks that are sharp and work great. Combine that with the right colors and 3D eyes and you've got a lure that immitates a large baitfish from the beach, boat or pier. Joe Baggs The Skipper lures naturally glide across the surface and even leave a bubble trail. If you enjoy targeting striped bass, snook and other hungry saltwater species, try throwing a Joe Baggs The Skipper. These lures are great! 

Joe Baggs The Skipper lures are 8" in length and weigh 3 ozs. Choose from three great colors - Bone, Chrome and White. If you're throwing these from a boat try a Dark Matter IO Spinning Rod. From the beach, the 9'2" Dark Matter John Skinner Surf Rod.



Color - Bone

Length - 4.75"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 1/0