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Soft Plastics

Joe Baggs Sandeels

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Joe Baggs Sandeels are a great imitation of a very popular baitfish. It's one of the most lifelike sandeel baits on the market. These soft plastic baits come pre-rigged with a strong Mustad hook. The bodies are durable and are designed to hold up to strikes from multiple fish. Joe Baggs Sandeels feature a paddle tail and are weighted. They swim naturally in the water and the colors look great. Fish them from the beach or a boat for striped bass, snook and other species of fish. Buy a pack of Joe Baggs Sandeels and hit the water!

Joe Baggs Sandeels are available in 6.15" (1 1/2 oz) and 6.75" (2 oz) models in terrific colors! Choose from Brown/Olive, Ghost and Sandeel. They come two baits to a pack.

Models: JB-SE-1.5, JB-SE-2 


Color - Brown/Olive

Size (in.) - 4.25

Weight (oz) - 5/8

Pieces - 4

Hook - Single