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Soft Plastics

Joe Baggs Patriot Fish

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Joe Baggs Patriot Fish have proven to be very effective when target saltwater species like striped bass and snook. These soft plastic paddletails do a great job of mimicking a small baitfish. They move side to side and the paddletail entices fish to strike. They come three tails with a single jig head to a pack. The hooks on the jig heads are super strong and will easily handle big fish. If you love saltwater fishing you should definitely try fishing a Joe Baggs Patriot Fish.

Joe Baggs Patriot Fish are available in 1/2-2 oz sizes. The 1/2 and 3/4 are 5.5" and the larger ones are 7.5". Choose from sandeel and white. The jig head is painted to match the baits.

Models: JB-PF 


Color - Sandeel

Size (in.) - 5.5

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Pieces - 3

Hook - Jig Head