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Trolling Lures

Joe Shute The Flat Liner Lures

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  • Joe Shutes

    By Mark Burton on 4/23/2020

    Love to grab a few new joe shutes each year to get ready for the tuna trolling spread. Rig these up or buy them pre rigged and troll ballyhoo

Joe Shute The Flat Liner Lures are excellent trolling lures! Joe Shute's Flat Liner Trolling Lure features a 8 oz head allowing you to drop the lure deeper into the water column. It is hand painted with 3D eyes and lots of synthetic hair. The hair fans out in the water and creates a motion that is very attractive to big fish. Joe Shute The Flat Liner Lures work extremely well! Try one the next time you are trying to catch big eye!

Joe Shute's The Flat Liner Trolling Lures are available in several colors. If you don't see the color you are looking for, please contact us.



Color - Pink/White Head w/ Pink/Crystal Hair

Gender - Male