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Johnny Jigs Ultra Flutter Slow Pitch Jigs

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Johnny Jigs Ultra Flutter Slow Pitch Jigs are great for your next fishing trip! These jigs have proven to catch fish over the years and as more people switch over to slow pitch style, they are becoming even more popular. As the name implies, drop them in the water and they flutter through the water alternating between holographic and holographic glow. This reflects a lot of light causing hungry fish to strike. They have a medium fall speed and work great for reef fish and pelagics. The smaller sizes work great on other species like sea bass. They are typically fished in 80'-300'. If you've never tried a Johnny Jigs Ultra Flutter Slow Pitch Jig, you are missing out. They are great!

Johnny Jigs Ultra Flutter Slow Pitch Jigs are available in 80g, 120g, and 150g sizes. Choose from Blue/Pink, Chartreuse Glow, Green/Gold and Pink Glow. All of these are proven colors. Jigs come unrigged. Hooks and split rings sold separately. 

Models: JJ-SPJ-UF-80, JJ-SPJ-UF-120, JJ-SPJ-UF-150