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Johnny Jigs Flying Wing Slow Pitch Jigs

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Johnny Jigs Flying Wheel Slow Pitch Jigs are all about the flutter. Every jig shape is going to perform differently as it moves through the water and this one is no different. It's shaped like a fence post with two thick wings that gives it a lot of movement through the water column. It does a terrific job of mimicking a wounded bait fish and you'll need to pay attention as these will get hit on the fall and the rise. If you are fishing for saltwater fish you are going to want to have several different shaped jigs on your boat and the Flying Wheel adds another effective presentation to your arsenal. Johnny Jigs Flying Wheel Slow Pitch Jigs feature through wire construction and are very durable. Buy a few and use them on your next offshore trip. They will produce!

Johnny Jigs Flying Wheel Slow Pitch Jigs are available in 160g and 200 sizes. Choose from five great colorways - Cotton Candy, Disco Blues, Orange Crackle, Red Crackle and Sky Dust. All of these are proven colors. Jigs come unrigged. Hooks and split rings sold separately. 

Models: JJ-SPJ-FW-160, JJ-SPJ-FW-200