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JYG Pro Fishing Stryke Jigs

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So you're on the hunt for big fish and you want a high quality vertical jig? JYG Pro Fishing Stryke Jigs are the perfect option. Whether you're targeting tuna, amberjack or tile fish, these vertical jigs work great! JYG Pro Fishing Stryke Jigs are constructed of lead with thru-wire construction. There is more weight in the bottom of the jig so that it flutters through the water on the fall. The finishes are excellent with glow and holographic elements that will reflect light and catch the attention of hungry predators. They are outfitted with an assist hook on both the top and the bottom of the jig. Fishing jigs is a highly effective technique and JYG makes some great jigs. Try a JYG Pro Fishing Stryke Jig on your next offshore adventure!

JYG Pro Fishing Stryke Jigs are available in 340g, 440g, and 540g in four great colors. Choose from Orange Purple, Pink, Silver and Yellow.

Models: STRYKE


Color - Blue

Length - 6"

Weight (oz) - 80 g / 2.8 oz

Type - Vertical Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited