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Soft Plastics

Keitech Custom Leech

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The Keitech Custom Leech is a terrific drop shot bait. Keitech makes really great freshwater products for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass and the Custom Leech is no exception. This soft plastic features a segmented body that gives it a really natural movement through the water. The two-tone finishes are second to none and entice hungry fish to strike. Like all Keitech's, the Custom Leech has a very strong squid scent that has been catching bass for generations. If you're looking for a new drop shot bait, try a Keitech Custom Leech. Work it across the bottom and the lure will do the rest for you!

Keitech Custom Leech soft plastics are made in Japan. They are available in 3" in three great colors. Choose from Black, Cinnamon Neon Blue and Green Pumpkin. They all work amazingly well.

Models: L3001, L3101, L3111


Color - Black

Size (in.) - 3

Pieces - 10

Hook - None