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Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits

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Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits are perfect for targeting a wide variety of freshwater game fish! These soft plastic swimbaits are constructed using the latest Japanese technology to create a bait that swims naturally in the water without reeling very fast. Their unique composition keeps them balanced and upright. Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits are infused with a custom squid scent and have a 2-tone color scheme that gives them a very realistic appearance in the water. These baits are so versatile that you can fish them with a jig head, on an Alabama rig or Texas rigged. Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits will absolutely help you catch more fish!

Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits are made in Japan. They come seven to a package and are available in 4" sizes. Choose from three effective colors!

Models: ES4410, ES4418, ES4440


Color - French Pearl

Size (in.) - 3

Pieces - 10

Hook - None