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Keitech Model II M2 Tungsten Football Jigs

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Keitech Model 2 M2 Tungsten Football Jigs work well for deep water fishing. They feature a tungsten head that is lead-free, harder and smaller than lead, and extremely sensitive. The hand tied skirt is 100 strands of durable SR-40 silicone that has lifelike motion in the water. The custom 2/0 Gamakatsu hook is super sharp, and the 10 strand hand glued weed guard will keep your jig clean, even when passing through debris in the water. Rig one of these with a Keitech swimbait and you've got a deadly jig for small mouth bass, largemouth bass and a range of other freshwater game fish! You cannot go wrong with a Keitech Model 2 M2 Tungsten Football Jig. They will help you catch more fish!

Keitech Model 2 M2 Tungsten Football Jigs are made in Japan. They are available in black/blue flake, dark green pumpkin and green pumpkin blue flake in the 3/8 oz size.

Models: FT38407, FT38105, FT38207