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Keitech Shad Impact

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Keitech Shad Impact is an excellent finesse bait designed for shaky head and drop shotting. These lifelike soft baits are constructed of a soft plastic top and a salted plastic bottom that swims horizontally and rolls to imitate a wounded bait fish. This extremely realistic presentation is incredibly attractive, especially to finicky fish! Keitech's 2-tone color process makes these baits look as good as they fish! Keitech Shad Impact soft baits are a versatile lure and can be used for targeting smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, large trout and more! If you want to catch more freshwater fish, add a pack of Keitech Shad Impact to your arsenal. It's a no-brainer!

Keitech Shad Impact are made in Japan. They come eight baits to a package and are available in 4". Choose from two awesome colors!

Models: SI4422, SI4426


Color - Sexy Shad

Size (in.) - 4

Pieces - 8

Hook - None