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Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits

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Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits are a truly versatile freshwater bait! These Japanese swimbaits are constructed of a durable plastic impregnated with salt. They feature a ribbed body that displaces large amounts of water, and a tail action that gives a full swing back and forth as it moves through the water. Their natural swimming motion, 2-tone coloring and squid scent makes these baits irresistible to hungry fish! Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits are perfectly balanced and will not roll! Use one when targeting smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie and large trout! Fish Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits with a jighead, or Texas style. They are perfect for dropshotting or as part of an Alabama rig. However you fish them, these baits will help you catch more fish!

Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits are made in Japan. They come eight to a package and are available in 4". Choose from sexy shad and sight flash. Both colors work great!

Models: SW4422, SW4426


Color - Sexy Shad

Size (in.) - 4

Pieces - 8

Hook - None