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Soft Plastics

Leading Lures Rattling 5" Shads

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Leading Lures Rattling 5" Shads are designed as replacements for the shad that comes with an S&S Rattling Casting Mojo. This is the exact same shad that features a rattle in the tail. If you are fishing Casting Mojos, the shad will get worn out over time by multiple strikes from fish, or a brush with structure. It's a good idea to have backup with you just in case. These 5" shads are hand crafted in the USA and have a tail that causes a lot of commotion in the water. They are available in Bunker Bomb, Chartreuse and Wonderbread to match the each colorway of S&S Rattling Casting Mojos. If you're fishing these lures, buy a pack of Leading Lures Rattling 5" Shads.

Leading Lures Rattling 5" Shads are sold in three packs. Each pack contains only one color. They are proudly made in the USA!

Models: LL-R5-BB, LL-R5-CH, LL-R5-WB


Color - Bumker Bomb

Size (in.) - 5

Pieces - 3

Hook - None