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Leading Lures Rattling 9" Shad Glow

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Leading Lures Rattling 9" Shad in the Glow colorway is a terrific Mojo replacement shad! These shads come standard on S&S Rattling Mojos Glow. When you are trolling for big striped bass, you want every advantage possible and a glow in the dark shad will give you something extra. These 9" shads are hand poured in the USA and have an oversized tail that causes a commotion in the water. Unlike any other shad on the market, Leading Lures Rattling 9" Shads have a ratlle in the tail to further entice big bass to strike. If you love fishing Mojos, buy a few of these glow in the dark shads. It's going to give you the results you are looking for. Don't forget to send us pics of the big striped bass yo ucatch becasue of this awesome shad!

Leading Lures Rattling 9" Shad Glow are sold individually. They are proudly made in the USA!

Models: LL-R9-GL


Color - Glow

Size (in.) - 9

Pieces - 1

Hook - None