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Little Jack Metal Adict Type 01

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Little Jack Metal Adict Type 01 are really great jigs! If you've never heard of Little Jack, they are a cool Japanese brand specializing in unique lures. These metal jigs are designed to be curved and asymmetrical so they have a really cool rolling action in the water. This perfectly mimics an injured baitfish, like a sardine, and nearby fish will hit it hard! The Little Jack Metal Adict Type 01 is extremely well made and features a super sharp stinger hook on the front and a ball bearing swivel connected to a blade on the back. This lure is perfect for seabass and might just turn out to be your secret weapon this season. The engineers at Little Jack are amazing at building these type of lures that product fish! If you love JDM stuff, try a Little Jack Metal Adict Type 01 jig.

Little Jack Metal Adict Type 01 jigs are available in 80g in three great colorways. Designed in Japan.

Models: METAL ADICT-01-80G


Color - Blue Pink

Length - 3 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 2.8

Type - Sinking

Range (ft) - Unlimited