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Little Jack Tagyosh 5 Evolution

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Little Jack Tagyosh 5 Evolution is a cool looking jig that will catch a lot of fish! Built on the Unicorn Plate design, this lure features a large rear blade that causes a lot of vibration. It is shaped like a bait fish and has top of the line finishes. The lure has two tie points on it so you can jig it vertically or cast it out from the boat or the beach. This is going to be another lure you're going to want to throw when the false albacore are around. It features a super sharp treble hook up front and an equally sharp single hook in the back. The Little Jack Tagyosh 5 Evolution is built for casting so you will get good distance when you throw it. If you want to put the knowledge of Japanese anglers on your side, buy a Little Jack Tagyosh 5 Evolution and start fishing it. They will absolutely catch fish!

Little Jack Tagyosh 5 Evolution lures are available in 7/18 and 1 1/8 oz weights. Choose from four proven colors - Chart Back Frash, Pink Iwashi, Frash Lens Red Head and Glow Cotton Candy. Designed in Japan.



Color - Chart Back Frash

Length - 2 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 7/8

Type - Sinking

Range (ft) - Unlimited