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LIVETARGET Adult Trout Swimbait

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The LIVETARGET Adult Trout Swimbait is designed with all of the characteristics of a fully developed trout to attract the largest and hungriest of predators. This bait is incredibly life like in the water from its realistic color schemes to imitate light and dark phases in a rainbow trout's life cycle down to the fin design and placement. Internally the LIVETARGET Adult Trout Swimbait is designed with a balancing system that requires no re-tuning. It's equipped with a belly hanger to optionally outfit the bait with a treble or under spin blade. The over sized boot tail gives off a rhythmic thump that draws predator fish in for the strike. The LIVETARGET Adult Trout Swimbait is available in light and dark color schemes and 6.5 inches. These baits are deadly effective after trout stocking.

LIVETARGET Adult Trout Swimbaits aer available in olive/red and silver salmon. They are amazing!

Models: TRS168MS


Color - Olive/Red

Length - 6 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2

Type - Medium-slow sink