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LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body

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Winner of the 2015 ICAST Best Soft Lure Award the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body imitates a dieing baitfish that fools big bass into striking. It's built on an easily collapsible hollow body that exposes the custom Trokar double hooks perfectly to maximize hook up ratio. This bait walks from side to side like no other. It's action entices predators and gets the line tight. It's weedless construction enables anglers to fish this any where. The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Sunfish is available in two realistic baitfish patters and two sizes - 3" and 3 1/2" If you want and excellent hollow body bait that walks with ease and catches big bass then the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Sunfish is a sure thing.

LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Bodies are a great additional to your fishing arsenal. They will help you catch more fish!

Models: SFH75T, SFH90T


Color - Blue/Metallic Bluegill

Length - 3″

Weight (oz) - 7/16

Type - Floating