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Hard Baits

Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnow 110 SP Lures

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Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnow 110 SP Lures are a proven commodity! Lures with a minnow profile have proven incredibly popular over the past few years and the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 SP will help you catch more fish whether you are in a boat or on the beach. This small suspending hardbait was designed for inshore fishing in California but you can easily see how its profile would excel in the Northeast or the Gulf. It features an aerodynamic shape that allows you get good distance and it swims through the water mimicking a baitfish. If you are targeting striped bass, halibut, snook, calico bass or bluefish, you're going to love the Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnow 110 SP. While the hardware it comes with is sharp, we recommending swapping out to better split rings and VMC trebles. Also get rid of the middle hook all together. 

Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnow 110 SP Lures are 4 1/2" and weigh in at 5/8 ozs. If you own a Dark Matter OB Surf Rod, you will throw these lures to the moon! Available in metallic sardine and super glow sardine. 

Models: SW-FM110-714MSD, SW-FM110-728SGSRD


Color - Super Glow Sardine

Length - 4 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 5/8

Type - Suspending

Hook Size - #4