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Luna Sea Cush-it Rod Cushion

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The Luna Sea Cush-it Rod Cushion protects you and your boat at the same time. The Cush-it slides over your rod butt and grips it, giving you extra protection while fishing. Getting jabbed with sharp rod butts can be painful. The Cush-it helps you avoid it! Cush-its are constructed of durable foam that is nearly indestructible. They are UV resistant and easy to use. It will stay on the rod even when passed to another angler and will not spin or slip when you are battling a big fish! It's so buoyant that it will float most rods. If you're looking for a little protection on the water and want to have a better fishing experience, put a Luna Sea Cush-it on the back of every rod. You'll be glad you did!

Luna Sea Cush-it Rod Cushion are available in two sizes in blue. Choose from Big Game and All Species. They are made in Canada.

Models: Big Game, All Species


Color - Blue

Size - Big Game