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Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider

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At first glance the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider is a hollow body frog in the shape of a spider. Once you get over how realistic this spider looks, you might think it's just a frog in a different shape, but it's not. While it is a topwater bait, it fishes a bit differently from a frog due to the eight legs. This start and stop bait will twitch across the surface of the water while the self-righting ballast in the rear insures that it stays upright. If you think your frogs look realistic in the water, the Phantom Spider takes things to the next level. Hungry  largemouth and smallmouth bass are going to attack this bait! Lunkerhunt has outfitted it with sharp dual hooks. The Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider is a really fun bait to fish that will deliver results. It is designed to be weedless so fish it near docks or in cover. This lure was the talk of ICAST 2019.

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spiders are 2" in length and weigh 1/4 ozs. Choose from Dock, Six Spot and Widow Maker. After you're done fishing, they also do a great job of scaring wives and kids!

Models: SPIDER


Color - Six Spot

Length - 2″

Weight (oz) - 1/4

Type - Floating