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M3 Tackle Rigged M3 Spoon

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Over the past few years, M3 Tackle Rigged M3 Spoons have caught fire for anglers targeting fluke. It is a terrific fluke spoon that works really well and has delivered a lot of double digit fluke to the boat! The brass drifting spoon is rigged with two super sharp hooks and dressed with either bucktail or a silicone skirt. The spoon is either different colors on both sides or bright on both sides to reflect a lot of light and present a flash to the fish to entice them to attack. It works great as part of a 3-way rig. If you're targeting fluke this season, definitely grab a few M3 Tackle Rigged M3 Spoons. You'll be surprised at just how effective they are! 

M3 Tackle Rigged M3 Spoons are available in two sizes. Choose from 4 3/4" and 5 1/2". They come in five great colors: Cotton Candy, Flash bait, Fire Candy, KW Mack and Nuclear. Go catch some fluke!