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Marathon Sabiki Rigs

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Marathon Sabiki Rigs are a Japanese innovation that are both simple to use and an incredibly effective way to catch bait! Marathon's one pull package allows you to connect the Sabiki rig to your rod and just pull it out. It couldn't be easier! Marathon Sabiki Rigs are constructed of mono with six extra sharp hooks with high visibility fish skin that bait fish can't resist. Before you know it, you'll have caught your share and will be ready to target some game fish!

Marathon Sabiki Rigs are available in three sizes and five color schemes. They all work, but pick the one that you like best!

Models: MSB-002, MSB-068, MSB-550


Style - Natural Hage/Kawa Red Head

Size - 4

Main Test - 13 lbs

Branch Test - 7 lbs