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Megabass V9 Spinnerbait

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The Megabass V9 Spinnerbait is a well engineered bait that will bring more fish to the boat. The V9 is Megabass's ninth spinnerbait and the Megabass quality is evident. The V-FLAT head has a built in keel weight that will keep the head running straight. The twin damper arm is strong and will hold its position while the dual blades spin off of it. The two blades are different sizes and create vibration in the water to attract fish. The silicon skirt gives realistic movement in the water and the super sharp hook will insure solid hookups. The finish on these spinnerbaits is second to none. The paint on the head, the 3D eyes and the colorful skirts will catch the eye of hungry predators. If you love fishing spinnerbaits, take your game to he next level with a Megabass V9 Spinnerbait. They work really well!

Megabass V9 Spinnerbaits are available in 3/8 and 1/2 oz. Choose from four proven colors - Blue Gill, Chartreuse Shiner, Fire Shad and Pearl Shad. They cast great and are perfect for fishing calm or windy days in clean or dirty water.

Models: V9 3/8 oz DW, V9 1/2 oz DW


Color - Chartreuse Shiner

Weight (oz) - 3/8 oz

Pieces - 1

Hook - Yes