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Megabass Bottle Shrimp

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The Megabass 4" Bottle Shrimp is a next level soft plastic bait. The designers at Megabass continue to outdo themselves with incredible creations that will definitely help you catch not only more fish, but big fish. The Bottle Shrimp is a soft plastic that mimics a defensive crayfish as it moves through the water. It also does a great job of imitating prawn, which is a popular bait for freshwater fish to feed on. The ribbed Hon-Jikomi body is infused with salt and natural flavors that are derived from crab and shrimp, making them irresistible to nearby fish. Bottle Shrimp feature long, fat arms that will move differently when fished with multiple techniques. It is an extremely versatile bait. Get a pack and try fishing them in different ways based on the conditions. You will definitely bring more fish to the boat with Megabass 4" Bottle Shrimp!

Megabass 4" Bottle Shrimp are available in three great colors. As the name implies, they are 4" long. They are made in Japan.

Models: 0123310793, 0123310035, 0123310053


Color - Black Blue

Size (in.) - 4"

Pieces - 6

Hook - None