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Megabass Deep-Six Crankbait

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Megabass Deep-Six Crankbaits are all about catching big fish in deep water. With it's unique lip design and Multi-Way Moving Balancer System, the Deep-Six is able to maintain balance at a steep angle so it can get down as far as 20 feet. This balancing system also helps in getting great casting distance. When you cast it, the main weight shifts to the back of the lure, giving it maximum aerodynamics to fly through the air. Once it hits the water, the weight shifts forward moves causing a steep angle and the lure quickly ends up in deep water. The Deep-Six is one of those crankbaits that consistently catches big fish. The finishes are terrific as they are hand painted in Japan by craftsmen with an attention to detail and a pride in their work. If you want to take your fishing to the next level, add a Megabass Deep-Six Crankbait to your arsenal. You will be impressed with the results!

maiMegabass Deep-Six Crankbaits are 3 1/8" long and weigh 7/8 oz. They are available in three terrific colors and are made in Japan.

Models: 0175510096, 0175511110, 0175510044


Color - GP Stain Reaction

Length - 3 1/8″

Weight (oz) - 7/8 oz

Type - Dives to 20 Feet