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Megabass 2018 Orochi XX Casting Rods

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Megabass 2018 Orochi XX Casting Rods have gotten a refresh! Already an impressive series, Megabass focused on fine tuning to make the rods better. Reduced weight, more sensitivity, increased lifting power and a better overall fishing experience. There's a reason why all of the freshwater anglers who work in the shop flocked to the first shipment of these rods like teenage girls at a boy band concert - because they are awesome! The 2018 Orochi XX are built on a multi layered carbon blank that uses metal fibers as reinforcement. The wizards at Megabass blend these technologies to create rods that will take you fishing to the next level! The feature Fuji Stainless SiC guides that will increase your casting distance and deliver better performance. The full custom cork grips are extremely comfortable and feel great in your hand. If you are looking for a high end technique specific freshwater rod, add a Megabass 2018 Orochi XX Casting Rod to your arsenal. So nice!

We stock seven different models of Megabass Orochi XX Casting Rods. Buy one for yourself!

Models: F10-80XX Leviathan, F4.5-611XX Jerkbait, F5.5-75XX Braillist, F5-72XXG Swingfire, F6-70XX Tour Versatile, F6-711XXG Launcher, F7-72XX Perfect Pitch