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Megabass I-Loud Prop Bait

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The Megabass i-Loud Prop Bait is all about slaying big fish! The i-Loud is a wide profile topwater prop bait that is loaded with technology that makes it incredibly effective. The Megabass i-Loud features the Rudder Action Balancer System that emits a powerful ‘knock’ as it throws its tail from side to side. This creates sonic waves that entice fish to strike. Pair this with the i-Loud's high quality rear prop that creates its own sound as well as a bubble trail, and its wide profile and you've got a lure that big fish want to feed on. Like all lures from Megabass, the finishes are mind blowing. They do such a great job of giving their lures the most realistic presentation possible. Megabass continues to push the boundaries of science and the result is one of the best prop baits in the world. If you're hunting big bass, definitely add a Megabass i-Loud Prop Bait to your arsenal. 

Megabass i-Loud Prop Baits are 4" in length and weigh 1 oz. They are available in two cool colors. These floating lures are made in Japan.

Models: 0425334818, 0425334820


Color - GG Bass

Length - 4″

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #2