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Megabass I-Slide 185 Swimbait

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The Megabass I-Slide 185 Swimbait is big bass candy! If you're hunting big fish, the I-Slide 185 is a great weapon to use! Megabass has packed these swimbaits with the latest Japanese technology that delivers results. The I-Slide 185 is a jointed swimbait that swims through the water in a smooth s-motion when fished with a steady retrieve. If you want to add another wrinkle, twitch your rod and make the I-Slide do a 360 turn. These swimbaits feature the Maghold system that uses magnets to secure both hooks to the underside of the lure, resulting in a more natural swimming action. It also keeps the hooks hidden, which is crucial in clear water situations where visual triggers can cause a fish not to strike. Megabass I-Slide 185 Swimbaits are painstakingly hand painted in Japan by true masters and the finishes are nothing short of incredible! A lot of technology and attention to detail is put into each bait. If you're on the hunt for big freshwater bass, definitely fish a Megabass I-Slide 185 Swimbait. They look incredibly natural in the water and will deliver big fish, when other baits fail. 

Megabass I-Slide 185 Swimbaits are 7 1/3" in length and weigh 2 oz. Choose from three awesome colors - Amago, Hasu and Silver Salmon. Replacement tails are available. They are considered a slow sink / slow float and their sink rate changes based on the water temperature. See the below chart for details. 

Temperature/Suspend Information:

50F – Slow Sinking
55.5F – Suspending
59F – Slow Floating
68F – Floating

Models: 0380211192, 03802210060, 0380211193


Color - Hasu

Length - 7 1/3″

Weight (oz) - 2

Type - Slow-Sink / Slow-Float

Hook Size - #1, #2