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Megabass I-Slide 262T Swimbait

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The Megabass I-Slide 262T Swimbait is straight up warrior fishing! If double-digit bass are your target, you can lob one of these 6 oz Japanese swimbaits into the water to get their attention. Meticulously crafted, the jointed I-Slide 262T is the pinnacle of quality, craftsmanship and Japanese innovation. It swims through the water in a smooth s-motion when fished with a steady retrieve. Twitch your rod and make it do a full 360 turn to drive nearby monsters to strike. Megabass has implanted magnets into these swimbaits that secures both hooks to the underside of the lure, so as not to interfere with the hyper natural swimming action. The Maghold system keeps the hooks hidden, which is crucial in clear water situations where visual triggers can cause a fish not to strike. Megabass I-Slide 272T Swimbaits are hand painted in Japan by masters. The finishes look as good to the fisherman as they do to the fish! Megabass has poured all their technological know-how into the I-Slide 262T and it shows. If you are one of those guys who nothing short of 10+ will satisfy you, throwing a Megabass I-Slide 262T Swimbait gives you a great chance of hooking up with your dream fish. They will deliver big fish when other baits fail. 

Megabass I-Slide 262T Swimbaits are massive at 10 1/3" in length and weigh 6 oz. Choose from three beautiful colors - Hasu, Oikawa and Tarpon. Replacement tails are available. They are considered a slow sink / slow float and their sink rate changes based on the water temperature. They will slow sink in 50-59 degree waters. Once the temperature goes above that, the I-Slide 262T changes into a suspend/slow floating bait. Use weight strips if you need to change the rate of sink. 

Models: 0396110060, 0396111191, 0396111399


Color - Hasu

Length - 10 1/3″

Weight (oz) - 6

Type - Slow-Sink / Slow-Float

Hook Size - #3/0, #2/0