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Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait

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Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbaits are perfect for shallow water situations. These Japanese crankbaits dive to up to 5' and are part of Megabass's Project Legend, which custom tunes existing baits to take them to the next level. To achieve this, the Knuckle LD features a circuit board lip specifically angled to generate a high pitch wobble and roll action that's superior to the original. The front hook hanger is attached to a swivel that prevents fish from throwing the hook during a fight. The internal weight balancer is connected at multiple points so this bait will wobble silently through the water. As always, the finishes on Megabass lures are terrific. They do a great job of creating realistic patterns that freshwater fish can't resist! If you're looking for a shallow crank that works extremely well in colder water, buy a Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait! Bass will gobble them up.

Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbaits are 2 1/3" long and weigh 3/8 oz. They are available in four awesome colors  including GG Megabass Kinkuro, Mat Tiger, Sunshine Blue Back Chart II and Violet Viper II. They are made in Japan.

Models: Megabass Kunckle LD Crankbaits


Color - Mat Tiger

Length - 2 1/3″

Weight (oz) - 3/8 oz

Type - Dives to 5 Feet

Hook Size - #4