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Hard Baits

Megabass Marine Gang Lures

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  • Great action and color!

    By Coulter Lenhart on 6/20/2021

    This thing casts just as far as a yo-zuri with similar weight transfer system. Great color and iridescence kept me the high hook on a long stretch of beach.

If you have success fishing minnow baits you're going to love Megabass Marine Gang Lures! Megabass produces some of the best hard baits in the world and this one takes minnow baits to the next level. The best feature is the LBO casting system. Inside the bait is a metal cylinder with ball bearings and when you cast it, all of that weight transfers to the rear of the bait which is going to deliver longer casts than with other similarly shaped baits. Once the Marine Gang hits the water and you make your first retrieve, that metal cylinder moves back to the middle of the bait and stays in place with a magnet. It is now in the perfect position and results in a balanced bait that is going to give you a super effective natural side to side baitfish motion. The finishes on the Marine Gang are terrific and Megabass has outfitted them with super sticky treble hooks. These baits have a lip on the front and come in floating and sinking models. If you enjoy fishing saltwater Daiwa SP Minnows or Lucky Craft Flash Minnows, you are going to love the Megabass Marine Gang! Buy one today.

Megabass Marine Gang Lures are available in 90 and 120 sizes. The floating 90 is 3 1/2" long and weighs 0.4 ozs. The 120 is 4 3/4" in length. The floating version weighs 3/4 ozs and the sinking version weighs in at 0.8 ozs. They are available in some pretty great colors. Choose from GG Bora, GG Iwashi, GG Pink Back Rainbow, GG Rainbow, HT Shirasu, Mat Konoshiro, Shell Skin Lemon, Shell Skin Pink. Made in Japan.



Color - GG Rainbow

Length - 3 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 0.4 oz

Type - Floating