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Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbaits

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Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbaits are incredibly effective when targeting big bass! This is one of those must own swimbaits as anglers scoop them up in piles because they work. The wizard engineers at Megabass have designed a 6" swimbait that shakes its head and thumps its tail simultaneously for a body movement that hungry predators cannot resist! The Magdraft Freestyle can be rigged in several different ways making it extremely versatile. It can be fished in open water or rig it weedless to fish around docks or in heavy cover. If you're on the hunt for double digit bass, this is one of the baits you should be throwing. Every manufacturer talks about how their bait is best for big fish, but Megabass backs it up. Their baits are top of the line and will help you catch more big largemouth! We recommend you fish your Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbait with a medium-slow to medium retrieve speed. Practice getting the movement right and get ready for a monster strike!

Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbaits are available in 6" and weigh 1 1/4 oz. They are unrigged and come two baits to a pack. They are Albino Pearl Shad. Made in Japan.

Models: 4128542349


Color - MB Gizzard

Length - 6″

Weight (oz) - 1 1/4

Type - Freshwater