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Megabass Vision Oneten Silent Jerkbait

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Unleash Stealth and Precision with the Megabass Vision Oneten Silent Jerkbait

The Perfect Blend of Stealth and Precision

If you're an avid angler seeking the ultimate edge on the tournament waters, the Megabass Vision Oneten Silent Jerkbait is your new secret weapon. This remarkable innovation takes the undeniable performance of the Oneten Jerkbait to new heights by introducing a deadly element of stealth.

A Revolution in Balancing

The Oneten Silent achieves this breakthrough by consolidating the balancers of the original Oneten into a single, fixed weight. This strategic design means that the Oneten Silent is always poised for action, ready to strike from any position.

Preserving the Legacy

What sets the Oneten Silent apart is its ability to preserve the storied action, suspend setting, and head-down posture of the original Oneten while perfecting it. When you jerk the Oneten Silent, its sole weight acts as a pure pivot-point, delivering sharp, acrobatic action and intense flashing that tempts targets across a wide area.

A Tantalizing Quiver

As the Oneten Silent comes to its familiar nose-down rest, it does so with one last tantalizing, life-like quiver. It's almost as if the bait itself is trembling in anticipation, luring in even the most cautious targets.

Mastering the Art of Temptation

In the most pressured conditions, the Oneten Silent will capture the hearts of wary targets, eliciting key bites when you need them most. Tuned by STW (Scientifically Tuned for the Water), this bait has been perfected for North American waters, placing a deadly new weapon in the hands of serious jerkbait anglers everywhere.

Discover the stealth, precision, and game-changing performance of the Megabass Vision Oneten Silent Jerkbait today.

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Megabass Vision Oneten Jerkbaits are 4 1/3" in length and weigh 1/2 oz. They are available in nine awesome colors. Made in Japan.

Models: 0099210176, 0099210012, 0099210044, 0099210016, 00992111378, 009210384, 0099211433, 0099210022, 0099210006



Length - 4 1/3″

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Type - Suspending

Hook Size - #6