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Hard Baits

Megabass Megadog 220 Pencil

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The Megabass Megadog 220 Pencil is a unique boat that is as effective when targeting largemouth bass as it is in saltwater situations. The Megadog was desinged to be a big bait that excels at walking the dog. It is constructed of reinforced ABS resin with through-wire construction attached to a 440 lb swivel, so it can handle strikes from anything that swims. The custom body shape achieves maximum castability in a big floating bait that weighs just 4 1/2 ozs. The half open mouth is made to splash water up front while the tail dips a bit as it swims. When you walk the dog, the body will roll, exposing the wide profile to the fish below and then switching back to a thin profile as the body rolls back. Big fish can't resist attacking this presentation. On top of that, the Megabass Megadog 220 Pencil features detailed finishes that are incredibly realistic. They are outfitted with three anti-corrosion coated treble hooks that feature double split rings to move the hook away from the body so that there is no interference during hookups. Whether you're on the hunt for double digit largemouth or big saltwater fish in blue water, the Megabass Megadog 220 Pencil will deliver results! Buy one today!

Megabass Megadog 220 Pencil plugs are hand crafted in Japan. They are 8 3/4" long and come in six awesome colors! Choose from GP Lime Rainbow, Iwashi, Konoshiro, Shintaro Natural, Sunset Rainbow and Urado Mullet.

Models: ADA3077, GEA3006


Color - GP Lime Rainbow

Length - 8 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 4 1/2 oz

Type - Monster Pencil

Swivel lb. Test - 440