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Megabass Pony Gabot Frog

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The Megabass Pony Gabot is one of the best frogs on the market! Designed with an extremely soft hollow body that compresses this frog is perfect for working its way through heavy cover. It features a large Catamaran Mouth that not only stabilizes the frog and leads to greater hookups, but also cuts through the water with side to side a walk the dog motion. The mouth style also spits water as a way to attract fish. The double hook stays close to the body of the frog and leads to dual ponytails of silicon not only further stabilizes the Pony Gabot but also gives it even more movement and action in the water. If you love fishing frogs, invest in a Megabass Pony Gabot. All frog are not created equal. The Pony gabot rises above the rest!

Megabass Pony Gabot frogs are 2 1/2" in length and weigh 3/8 oz. These topwater baits are available in two great colorways. Choose from Akame Amagaeru, and Albino Frog. Made in Japan. 

Models: 0191210247, 0191210155


Color - Akame Amagaeru

Length - 2 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 3/8

Type - Floating