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Megabass Popmax

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The Megabass Popmax is a highly advanced topwater bait. Based on a Yuki Ito original that was carved out of wood, the Popmax takes things to the next level! The magic is in the unique gill system that has six water-intakes and a water chamber that creates bubbles and a chugging-action. The intakes channel water through the gills and create commotion on the surface while the water chamber pushes water out the bottom of the lure, creating bubbles and commotion below it. This system keeps the lure in the water like a lip would, so you can retrieve it at high speeds without it popping out of the water. By twitching your rod, you can make the Popmax move like a regular popper or even in a walk the dog motion. The Megabass Popmax is highly effective in many different fishing situations. Give one a try and you'll find out what other anglers already know. It straight-up catches fish!

The Megabass Popmax are 3 1/4" in length and weigh 1/2 oz. Choose from Gill and Mat Frog. These floating poppers are handmade in Japan by experts! 

Models: 0000710004, 0000711418


Color - GP AYU

Length - 3 1/4″

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #4