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Megabass Sleeper Gill

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The Megabass Dark Sleeper was such a huge hit that Megabass expanded the lineup with the Sleeper Gill. This bottom fishing bait performs well in any sort of cover situation. The hook is hidden between two soft flaps that form the dorsal fin. This weedless bait can go basically anywhere. Heavy cover, bottom structure and wood formations are no problem for the Megabass Sleeper Gill! Everytime Megabass intorudtces a soft plastic the quality and realism improves. The Sleeper Gill is no exception as it is a perfect imitation of a gill. The paddletail moves naturally in the water. If you want to fish it higher in the water column a faster retrieve will yield a strong kick of the tail with a touch of body roll. Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass will absolutley crush this bait and it will deliver on more hookups!  

Megabass Sleeper Gill Swimbaits are 3.2" in length and weigh 3/4 oz. They are available in seven great colors. Choose from Black Gill, Brownie, Gill, Glitter Wild Gill, Perch, Pink Back Gill, and Pumpkin Seed. If you love freshwater bass fishing, buy a Megabass Sleeper Gill!

Models: 4314050008, 4314050012, 4314050003, 4314050005, 4314050016, 4314050009, 4314050007


Color - Black Gill

Size (in.) - 3.2"

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Pieces - 1

Hook - Yes