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Megabass TK Twister Jr

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The Megabass TK Twister Jr is a great soft plastic bait when targeting freshwater bass! Its body shape makes it very versatile and you can basically rig it however you want. The long rear lengs have a lot of motion in the water and will entice nearby fish to strike! It's really easy to use and will lead to great results. The Megabass TK Twister Jr is designed in Japan and is part of Megabass' Japan Tour Edition. If you're taregting largemouth, try using a Megabass TK Twister Jr.  

Megabass 3.5" TK Twister Jr are available in three great colors. Choose from Cinnamon Blue Flake, Light Watermelon and Numa Ebi. They all work great! They are made in Japan.

Models: 0102237721, 0102237724, 0102210710


Color - Cinnamon Blue Flake

Size (in.) - 3.5"

Pieces - 8

Hook - None