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Soft Plastics

Missile Baits D Bomb

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The Missile Bait D Bomb is a staple creature bait. Constructed of soft plastic, the front is built of a series of oval rings that give it a lot of bulk but also displaces a lot of water. The split wide tail in the back makes a lot of commotion in the water. The body is ultra-soft but won't tear when you put a hook through it. D Bombs are easy to cast and perfect for pitchin and flippin. If you've never fished one of these great creature baits from John Crews, you have to give it a try. You will catch more fish!

Missile Bait D Bombs are made in the USA. They are available in four great colors. Choose from a 6 pack or a 25 pack. Bruiser Flash, Green Pumpkin Flash and Super Bug and Watermelon Red are available in 6 packs. Bruiser Flash, Candy Grass, Green Pumpkin and Super Bug are available in 25 packs.



Color - Watermelon Red

Size (in.) - 4

Pieces - 6

Hook - None