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Momoi Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament Line (5 lb Bulk Spool)

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Momoi Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament can be used for official big-game record hunting, as well as professional tournaments where strict rules are paramount. To become certified as a world record, the IGFA must check all your gear and your line class, and if it tests out at over the stated breaking strength, your catch will be disqualified. Thanks to Momoi Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament, which is certified to break at just under its stated tensile strength, you can breathe easy knowing your line is within standards.
Momoi Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament 5lb Bulk Spools come in Hi-Vis Yellow and is available in 50#, 80#, and 130# tests. 


Lb Test - 50

Diameter (in.) - 0.029

Yards - 4950

Color - Hi-Vis Yellow