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Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line (5 lb Bulk Spool)

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Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament set the high standard for fishing line that Momoi abides by today. Still widely used all over the world by serious anglers, Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament has an extremely high strength-to-diameter ratio, which importantly fills your reel with extra line sorely needed when a big boy hammers your offering and takes off on a 400 yard run. Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament is famous for its pliability and low memory, making knot tying a breeze and ensuring your line will cut straight through the water without adversely affecting your lure.
Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament 5lb Bulk Spools are available in clear, Hi-Vis yellow and smoke blue. It comes in 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 130#, 150#, 200#, 250#, 300#, 400# and 500# tests which can cover pretty much every inshore and offshore application you can think of. 


Lb Test - 130

Diameter (in.) - 0.047

Yards - 1900

Color - Hi-Vis Yellow